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What is digital marketing?

Like the umbrella term "marketing", digital marketing also covers a wide variety of areas and tasks, necessary to optimize and maintain a healthy digital presence in 2021.

Digital marketing refers to everything from website design, website development, email marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, to online stores, branding, app development and SEO.

How does PC Design+ fit in?

PC Design+ is proud to offer a multitude of digital marketing services for you and your business. We have a digital marketing expert and graphic designer on staff with 6 years in the field. You can see her portfolio here.


Content Creation: we design an agreed upon number of visual digital assets like: story posts, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, branded social media account graphics, Instagram Reels, etc.

Monitoring & Response: worried about missing potential leads in your off hours? We can help! 

Account Creation & Design: if you're feeling overwhelmed at the idea of starting a social media presences for your business or you just don't have the time, we'll take care of it.

Based off of your specifications, our graphic designer will design an industry-relevant and eye-catching logo for your business.

PC Design+ logo original.png

Social Media Audit: not sure you're utilizing social media best practices? Want some help targeting the right people? Our Social Media Audit will take a look at every element of your social media presence, from habits to design and customize a set of recommendations for you and your business.

Website Audit: If you think your website could use some updating but doesn't need a full redesign, this is for you. We have a carefully rafted audit point system that touches on 6 key elements of an effective website. We will evaluate your current website and provide suggestions on how to truly make the most of your site.

While incorporating all of the abovementioned audit details, we will design a completely custom website for your business. 

Not only will you get a band new optimized website, by the end of the process - you'll be able to edit it yourself, if you choose. We also teach our clients how to navigate the hosting platform so they're able to make quick changes in the future.

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